Educational Policy / 教育方針

This division aims to obtain intelligence and high quality functions for rapidly grown and complicated systems. According to our educational policy, graduate students are qualified to obtain various aspects of knowledge on systems science and powerful computer literacy based on applied mathematics, technical English, a variety of liberal arts, and to master the abiliies of developing unique ideas with their own observations, making persuasive presentation, and creating a new area of engineering science.


Leading Graduate Schools / リーディング大学院

Students joining this Division can apply the Leading Graduate programs that provide financial supprots.


Globalization of Education / 教育のグローバル化

English Course / 英語での授業

With the aim of expanding its contribution to the international community, Division of Systems Science and Applied Informatics launched its a special cource taght in English. Also, the division offers all the classes in English biyearly. Students can earn credits required for graduation only in English.


Seminar / システム科学ゼミナール

We hold a seminar where graduate students in this department take turns presenting their own studies or reviews of the related studies. All M2 students including those in Japanese course are required to give their presentations in English. A few times per year, professors in this department and invited researchers also give lectures for this seminar. Through this seminar, students are expected to learn how to give an academic talk and participate in Q&A in order to improve their presentation skills. Furthermore, by touching upon topics outside of their expertise, they are expected to be able to break new ground for interdisciplinary in the field of Systems Innovation.



Curriculum / カリキュラム

We provided classes including computer science, human interface, robotics  and control theory. The number of the blacket indicate the credit of the subject.

(Basic required subjects)

Systems and Control Theory (2)

Optimal Systems Theory (2)

Signal Analysis Theory (2)

Theory of Systems Analysis (2)

Applied Robotics (2)

Intelligent Robotics (2)

Advanced Robot Systems (2)

Imaging Systems (2)

Advanced Human Interfaces (2)

Communication Robot (2)

Seminar in Systems Sience I-IV (1*4)

Research in Systems Sience I-IV (2*4)

(Multidisciplinary subjects)

See Syllabus

(optional subjects)

See Syllabus

Curriculum: Students should take classes with 30 credits including 20 and more credits from basic required subjects and 2 and more credits from multidisciplinary subjects.




システム制御論 (2)

最適システム論 (2)

信号解析論 (2)

システム解析論 (2)

応用ロボット学特論 (2)

知能ロボット学特論 (2)

ロボットシステム特論 (2)

画像システム論 (2)

ヒューマンインターフェース工学特論 (2)

コミュニケーションロボット論 (2)

システム科学ゼミナール I-IV (1*4)

システム科学研究 I-IV (2*4)








Syllabus / シラバス

Please refer to Osaka University KOAN Syllabus Search. [link]


Thesis Titles / 学位論文

PhD Thesis Title List (1993-2001) / 博士論文タイトルリスト (1993-2001)
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PhD Thesis Title List (2002-2012) / 博士論文タイトルリスト (2002-2012)
PDFファイル 306.9 KB
PhD Thesis Title List (2012-) / 博士論文タイトルリスト (2012-)
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