How to Apply / 入学方法

Admission Information (Japanese) / 入試情報


Engineering Science 21st Century Program (English Course) / 英語コース

The Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, seeks to achieve a more prominent international reputation through their increased involvement in the exchange of students and researchers as well as joint research projects. Our program now offers interdisciplinary courses in which lectures, instruction, seminars and research-related supervision are given entirely in English. Eligible students can now sequentially attain both a Master's and Doctoral degree from Osaka University, a leading Japanese University, while having minimal to no experience in the Japanese language. These highly qualified and globally recognized graduate students will not only participate in cutting edge research, but also gain a sophisticated understanding of advanced engineering science topics. Please join us in exploring science and technology in the 21st century, through the guiding principles of the Graduate School of Engineering Science. Potential applicants refer to the admission web site of the Graduate School of Engineering Science.



 MEXT-granted programs

The Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University features TWO MEXT-granted programs in English: - Special Training Program for Robotics Engineers for the Post-Corona Society - Special training program for the integration of data science and biomechanical engineering to support long-term life society For detail information, see also the admission web site of the Graduate School of Engineering Science.


Past Exam Questions (Japanese) / 大学院入試過去問題


(Past exam question for English course is not available.)

Open Lab / 見学のご案内

Open Lab in University Festival / 大学祭における公開

One to three laboratories in the division open their labs in conjuction with University Festival in May and November. You can find the detailed information at "News" in this web site.


Requests / 見学のご依頼について

Please send your lab visit request directly to your interesting laboratories.


Poster / 入試案内ポスター

Poster / システム科学領域入試案内ポスター
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