Message / 領域主任挨拶

Head of the Division: H. Ishiguro / 領域主任:石黒浩
Head of the Division: H. Ishiguro / 領域主任:石黒浩

Department of System Innovation, Division of System Science and Applied Informatics was setup when Osaka University had been turned into a National University Corporation in 2003. Its history began in 1962 as Control Engineering department in the School of Engineering Science followed by the establishment of Physical Science Course which offered master course and doctor course. Control Engineering has strong link to electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, information technology, system engineering, bioengineering and computer engineering. Therefore we have been focused on basics in education and worked closely with mathematical department in research and education. In 1997, Reorganization for prioritizing graduate schools made it into Department of Systems and Human Science, enhancing the field of Robotics and Human Science. As the history indicates, our teaching staff and students form the biggest group of experts in the University in the new area to connect human and robots with system science.

The Japanese cabinet office released “Comprehensive Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation -A Challenge for Creating Japan in a New Dimension-” which indicates 3 elements of the Shapes of the Nation to Be Attained in 2030. We aim for training highly skilled professionals as well as developing science technology which happen to correspond these goals.

Graduate School of Engineering Science has a distinctively casual culture build by seniors during more than 50 years. Staff members and students regardless of major, position, lab, grade can communicate and work closely thanks to that culture and geographic condition of the campus, which is located in Toyonaka along with main schools of humanities. Our division aim to make innovation in 5 year graduate school education of master course and doctor course with the viewpoints of Acting smart, System Thinking and Globalization. I am waiting for you to join us.